Connection Pyramid

Harmoniously Connecting with Pyramidal Energies

Pyramids were used by the ancients to channel energies and connect with the U-niverse. Each pyramid shape and material channels slightly different energies. This copper pyramid was downloaded by Sunshine to magnify and reconnect us to the heavens and mother earth. The pyramid is 9’ cubed copper (to reconnect to the feminine) with many sacred dimensions and based on the golden ratio between phi and pi. The capstone faces are punched images to allow the light to pass. The East is the sun, the beginning energies. The North is the eye of Horus, also representing the moon and our ancestors. The West is the Flower of Life connecting us to our abundance. The South is our legacy of infinite love connecting us to future generations. When we open and connect to the energies we begin to harmoniously thrive and recognize that we are HOME (heaven on mother earth).

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