Connection Tools

Available offerings:

Asana (yoga posture) Alignment

Reconnect to your body by learning ideal alignment techniques to keep the prana (life-force energy) flowing smoothly. Proper alignment in yoga asana will enable you to heal yourself from various injuries and imbalances. Private consultations are available to target specific areas.

Breath Movement (Pranayama)

Expand capacity to experience life force energy and flow in divinity. Specific breath techniques are taught to reduce stress, calm the mind, improve digestion, or increase vitality and health. Private consultations to reconnect your mind, body, and spirit.

Chakra Calibration

Meditation, breath and energy movement to center into base needs, creativity, power, feelings, communication, intuition, and divinity.

Crystal Oracle Reading

Allow the crystals to reconnect you to your body, mind, and spirit. Learn new ways of healing and mantras to connect to spirit.

Customized Yoga Practice

  • Wake-up Routine: Develop a short practice to invigorate your mornings and make every day amazing.

  • Night-time/Cool Down: Create a restorative practice to help settle the body and mind and facilitate restful sleep.

Eye Gazing (with us or partner)

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Guided eye gazing opens up energetic exchange to see yourself in another and facilitate connection .

Follow the Flow (with us or partner)

Fun connection game that starts with stretches and simple touches and leads to more active movement.

Laughing Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine! Stimulate the entire body and raise your vibrations in this group session of laughing and gentle movements for all bodies.

Manifestation Guidance

Learn how to become a powerful manifestor and lead the life of your dreams.

Microcosmic Orbit Movement

Increase awareness of the energies that circulate through and around your body. Connecting to these energies leads to radiant health. This practice can be facilitated in solo or partner sessions.


How natal numbers influence self and others to offer insight to better connections.

Partner Yoga

Connect with a partner by moving together and open up new ways to practice.


Connect with the ancients and future, directions, heaven, and earth and feel the energies,

Relationship Building

We facilitate various techniques to enhance connection with family members, friends, or partners.


Healing energy movement that was gifted to Sunshine who later became a Reiki Master.

Sadhana Development

Develop and learn to implement a daily spiritual practice that will change your life.

Self-love Enhancement

In order to love and fully connect with others, we must love ourselves first. Various techniques to facilitate a more loving relationship with U.

Soul Re-Discovery

We all have souls although the process of life expectations may have disconnected us. Re-Discover your unique soul and purpose through a series of inquiries.

Tantra Guidance

Experience the oneness with a partner through eye-gazing, coordinated breath, and focused energy movement.

Yoga Nidra

Quickly enter the theta brain waves state and connect to your soul. Yogic deep sleep only requires the ability to listen and sit or lay-down. ResoNate also offers physical adjustments to enhance the relaxation.

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