Like life, connection begins with a heartbeat and a breath. As we grow, we often get lost in family, friends, school, work, and social activities. What allows you to connect with your whole self, others, and the Universe?

For us, it is by coming back to our breath through pranayama, movement of the body through partner yoga (which can be translated to Union!) asanas, tantric practices like eye gazing and synched breathing, meditation, time in nature, and gratitude for the bounty that is provided to nourish us.

Connection Progression is the sharing of these practices so you and those you love can also benefit from the health, wellness, peace, and bliss that we have found. When we connect with our whole selves, we are ready to connect fully with others, and recognize the connection of ourselves in everything, the U-niverse.

We all have our own paths to follow. This is the one that led us to where we are now.

Nate Magee

Yogi and Adventurer

I became passionate about yoga several years ago seeking to rehab from sports injuries.  Little did I know how much yoga would change my life!  I saw quick improvements in my physical and mental states and became eager to share yoga with others. I completed a 200-hour teacher training at SOMA Movement Arts in 2017 and completed the Ashaya Awakening 200-hour training with Todd Norian in 2020.  A committed daily spiritual practice helps me recognize oneness with the Universe and strengthen my connection with all beings. I provide pathways for deepening relationships through Asana, (physical postures) Prana (energy movement), Pranayama (Breath exercises), and Meditation. 

I have a degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Special Education.  After living in Erie Pennsylvania all my life, I have been enjoying much more of a nomadic existence.  I love having fun with all forms of physical movement, handstanding, slacklining, acro-yoga, hiking, kayaking, and being outside.

Stacy "Sunshine" Schuur

Scientist and Soul Journey Guide

I have a scientific background (M.S. degree in Marine Biology and served as environmental chemist for 22 years) and am a life-long researcher. When I realized that what I thought was my fairy tale life was falling apart, I was unexpectedly guided to Rishikesh, India where the ancient art of yoga was born. I learned proper breathing techniques and yoga nidra which gave me more time and energy and was certified in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga (RYT 200). While the scientist in me didn’t believe in the Kundalini (subtle energy body), through Tantra I was awakened to this real magical feeling of sunshine throughout my body, mind, and soul.

At a gathering, several called me Sunshine, the middle name my mother had planned to give me. I have since embraced this name and personality, while also recognizing the darkness that is the balance.

While holding hands as part of a community healing, a stranger said they felt energy through our hands and asked if I would do reiki for them. I had never practiced reiki but followed source and soon had several asking for this energy treatment. To understand this gift further, I became a reiki master and offer this service as well as soul journey guide to assist you in discovering your path.

In our partnership, we have explored our own techniques and progressed further in our connections. We travel in the Bliss Bus, along with Duncan Dog, to explore the U-niverse and provide in-person classes, workshops, and retreats, in addition to virtual offerings. We look forward to progressing our connection with you!

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